Gold Medal Safety Pads

Historically vinyl, taraflex or canvas has been used for Seclusion Rooms, however if one small corner, seam or thread is exposed, an inmate or patient can cause severe damage which can cost many thousands of dollars to repair and render the room unusable for long periods.

The major advantage of Gold Medal Safety Padding is its strength and resilience to damage. While it is not immune to being picked or bitten, it is highly unlikely a complete wall or panel can be destroyed. Installation is an important factor with areas that may be subject to attack being fitted with the stronger floor pad material. Small areas of damage can be repaired by on site maintenance crews within 24 hours. This provides significant cost saving associated with the actual repair and length of time a room is out of commission.


Gold Medal Safety Padding has been used for Seclusion Rooms in the United States and around the world for the past 25 years and is the preferred product in all new facilities. It is used extensively throughout Police, Correctional and Medical Institutions for the safe keeping of those persons who may through drug or behavioural problems are assessed to be at risk of causing harm to themselves or be destructive to their surroundings.

Gold Medal Safety Padding is a specially compounded synthetic resinous material, which is poured onto a strand board and once cured, is sectioned into 2.4 x 1.2 metre sheets.